Monday, February 28, 2011

ANGEL SISTER, by Ann H. Gabhart

Angel Sister is set in 1936 in the little town of Rosey Corner, Kentucky, where Kate Merritt is the middle child in a family of three daughters. Gabhart's skillful writing puts the reader in the midst of this community and its characters--we know the people, and we feel the heat of a Kentucky summer.

Kate is the responsible sister who feels it's up to her to keep her family together. The task she takes onto her fourteen-year-old shoulders is a daunting one. Her father is sliding into alcoholism and her mother is trying desperately to keep food on the table. Kate's sisters are no help--the older one is a prima donna and the younger girl is just, well, too young. Throw in a couple of disagreeable grandfathers and you can see what Kate faces daily.

One day, on her way to visit one of her grandfathers, Kate is stopped by the sight of a little girl alone and crying on the steps of Kate,s grandfather,s church. How Lorena Birdsong,s arrival affects the Merritt family and the community of Rosey Corner is the catalyst for this all-consuming story.

Gabhart does a masterful job of weaving plot lines together as Angel Sister rolls to a suspenseful conclusion.

This book is on my "keeper" shelf for re-reading. I loved the characters and will want to visit Rosey Corner again.

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  1. This sounds to me like an excellent story. I'm going out to buy it, figuratively speaking. :-) Hopefully I can get it on my Kindle. Thanks!