Tuesday, November 13, 2012

COURTING CATE, by Leslie Gould

Cate Miller's younger sister Betsy has attracted the attention of most of the eligible men in Paradise, Pennsylvania. The only attention Cate attracts is teasing and avoidance, due to her sharp tongue and quick temper.
When Betsy settles on one beau and wants to marry him, their father makes a new rule: Cate, the older sister, must marry first. Unfortunately, most of the local bachelors have been scorched by Cate's tongue and want nothing to do with her.
When newcomer Pete Treger arrives in town, he's attracted to Cate's beauty and intelligence and seeks out her company. Things look rosy for Betsy and her beau until Cate begins to suspect Pete is more interested in her father's money than in her.
From this point on, the story gets better and better (not to say it wasn't terrific in the first place). The choices Cate and Betsy make had me chuckling through much of Courting Cate.
I loved Courting Cate and recommend this novel highly.
My thanks to the author and Bethany House for my review copy.