Saturday, October 28, 2017

A PLAIN LEAVING, By Leslie Gould

When Jessica Bachmann left her Amish family, she made a new life for herself in the Englisch world. She knew she couldn't return after turning her back on her family and her faith. But life has a way of rearranging people's plans.
    Her father dies unexpectedly, and she decides to brave the shunning she knows she will face in order to mourn the man who has been a loving guide throughout her life. What she hadn't expected was the recurrence of feelings she once had for Silas Kemp.
    Fortunately, she has an ally amongst the cold shoulders she receives--her Aunt Suz. To pass the time, and to encourage Jessica, her aunt begins telling her a tale of early Bachmann history in the years prior to the American Revolution. The story of Rebecca Bachmann is woven into A Plain Leaving, so the novel moves between modern day Amish life and the early Amish settlers on their land. Leslie Gould has drawn these two stories together to build the framework for A Plain Leaving.
    I must confess a preference for historical fiction, and found the pre-Revolution sections fascinating. Not to say that Jessica's dilemma isn't equally interesting--I had no idea of the lengths the Amish would go to when they shun someone. Even Jessica's immediate family treat her coldly.
    You will have to read A Plain Leaving for yourself to learn how the story ends. I promise you, you'll be glad you did.

    My thanks to the author and Bethany House for my review copy.