Friday, August 24, 2012

PROOF, by Jordyn Redwood

When a pregnant accident victim is admitted to the ER, Dr. Lilly Reeves does everything she can to save the woman and her unborn child. During the commotion, Detective Nathan Long enters the treatment area hoping to learn whether the woman recognized the person who rammed her vehicle. He believes she may have been intentionally hit by the same man who raped her--the same man who has committed multiple rapes in the community. Lilly urges him to publicize the crimes to warn other women, but Nathan hesitates.
Within hours, the rapist strikes again. Since the police seem to be unable to stop him, Lilly risks everything to find evidence to bring him to justice. Proof is a wild ride through fascinating medical science issues. At every turn, the suspense ramps higher. This is definitely not a book to start at bedtime--it’s impossible not to read "just one more chapter." This novel is a thriller in every sense of the word.
In Proof, Jordyn Redwood has launched a fabulous series. I loved the medical and scientific details in this story, and can’t wait for the next novel in the Bloodline Trilogy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DYING TO READ, by Lorena McCourtney

Cate Kincaid is in search of a job--any job--when her uncle hires her as an assistant PI in his detective agency. Her assignment is simple: find the address where a certain young woman is living. But as readers learn in this entertaining mystery, nothing Cate Kincaid does is simple.
When Cate goes to the address she's been given, she finds a gaggle of ladies of a certain age grouped on the porch of a stately older home. They, too, are expecting to see the same young woman. She works for a member of their Whodunit readers club--not a very popular member, if the ladies' snide comments are any indication.
Once Cate and the ladies gain entry, their search for their meeting's hostess ends in a grisly find. She has apparently met with an accident, and is very dead. The young woman who works for her is missing.
From here, the plot of Dying to Read gallops along with multiple suspects, a good-looking handyman, and a tree-hugger. I loved all of the wonderfully developed characters. Each had their own personalities and quirks. Lorena McCourtney writes delightful cozy mysteries, and The Cate Kincaid Series promises to be no exception.
Dying to Read is a fun story for summer reading.

My thanks to Revell for my review copy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THE HAVEN, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Sadie Lapp plans a surprise return to Stoney Ridge after a visit to Ohio. Little does she know that part of the surprise will be on her. Although her family is delighted to see her, little sister M.K. starts a rumor fire with unthinking remarks about Sadie's baggage.
Shy Gideon Smucker is delighted to know Sadie is back in Stoney Ridge, but every move he makes around her only seems to upset her. He suspects her chilly attitude toward him has something to do with the wildlife intern living on the Lapps’ farm.
Will Stoltz, the intern, discovers Sadie to be refreshingly different from the girls he’s known, and before long he finds himself looking for excuses to spend time with her. However, he’s hiding a secret that will endanger his position on the Lapp farm, as well as betray the trust Sadie’s family has placed in him.
The Haven is a delightful story of a family who lives by their faith and love for one another. In these days of ever more graphic fiction in the general market, I found The Haven to be just that—a haven of gentleness. I wish I could sit down at the supper table with the Lapps and absorb some of the peace that fills their lives.
I give The Haven two thumbs up, and recommend it for family reading.

My thanks to Revell for providing my review copy.