Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DYING TO READ, by Lorena McCourtney

Cate Kincaid is in search of a job--any job--when her uncle hires her as an assistant PI in his detective agency. Her assignment is simple: find the address where a certain young woman is living. But as readers learn in this entertaining mystery, nothing Cate Kincaid does is simple.
When Cate goes to the address she's been given, she finds a gaggle of ladies of a certain age grouped on the porch of a stately older home. They, too, are expecting to see the same young woman. She works for a member of their Whodunit readers club--not a very popular member, if the ladies' snide comments are any indication.
Once Cate and the ladies gain entry, their search for their meeting's hostess ends in a grisly find. She has apparently met with an accident, and is very dead. The young woman who works for her is missing.
From here, the plot of Dying to Read gallops along with multiple suspects, a good-looking handyman, and a tree-hugger. I loved all of the wonderfully developed characters. Each had their own personalities and quirks. Lorena McCourtney writes delightful cozy mysteries, and The Cate Kincaid Series promises to be no exception.
Dying to Read is a fun story for summer reading.

My thanks to Revell for my review copy.


  1. This review makes me anxious to get the copy I have won to review.
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  2. You'll love it, Jane. Hope you'll let me know what you thought of the story after you've finished reading.