Friday, November 14, 2014

Review of Siri Mitchell's THE MESSENGER

In 1778 Philadelphia, Hannah Sunderland is torn between her Quaker faith, which advocates non-involvement in military issues, and the knowledge that her brother is being held in a squalid prison for dissenters against the British crown.

    Jeremiah Jones nurses a bitter enmity against the British forces--blaming their treatment of him during his time as a Colonial soldier for the loss of his arm.

    When Hannah decides to try to sneak food to her brother in prison, Jeremiah seizes on her plans as a way to get secret messages to another prisoner involved in an escape plan, Hannah's Quaker faith will not allow her to lie. How will she be able to aid Jeremiah's plan to free the prisoners without compromising her principles?

    The Messenger is a richly-detailed look at life in Colonial America during our country's war for freedom from British rule. Mitchell’s characters have enough flaws to make them believable--and likeable.

    I enjoyed this story. The historical details are meticulously researched, always a big plus. The Messenger is top-of-the-line historical fiction. I read the story sometime back, and just finished a re-read. Don’t miss this one. It's a great book to curl up with in front of a cozy fire, with a hot beverage nearby.