Monday, March 27, 2017

With Love, Wherever You Are, by Dandi Daley Mackall

    Helen Eberhart has aspired to be a nurse since she was a girl. When the attack on Pearl Harbor occurs, she decides to enlist as an Army nurse. While she is in training for a wartime assignment--she hopes in Europe, since she hates heat--she meets Frank Daley, a doctor who is undergoing basic training before being sent to a battlefield hospital--he hopes in the Pacific, because he hates being cold.
    After their memorable first encounter, they begin a friendship which quickly blossoms into love. Despite the almost unanimous disapproval of their family and friends, Frank and Helen marry after a whirlwind courtship. First Frank, then Helen, are sent to separate duty stations in the heart of the European conflict.
    Beginning a marriage by correspondence--"With love, wherever you are"--forms the basis of this gripping novel. But the hospital scenes and wartime conditions are fully as much a part of the story as their romance. The realism of the situations they encounter in their separate fields of medicine left me with images I won’t soon forget.
    Based on a true love story, With Love, Wherever You Are, is an outstanding novel. I couldn’t put it down. Readers who enjoy World War II-era fiction will want to put this one at the top of their list. It's not to be missed!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


    Professor Preston Barclay seems to have a talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Murder Mezzo Forte, he and Mara Thorn, another faculty member at Overton University, leave a reception to answer Professor Mitra Fortier's summons to her office. Mitra implies that something dire is taking place at the university. Despite the late hour, Preston and Mara cross the campus to Mitra's office--and find her dead.
    Notwithstanding his protests to the contrary, Preston is drawn into the investigation as rumors circulate that he and Mara are responsible for Professor Fortier's death.
    Murder Mezzo Forte is populated with eccentric characters. Preston is plagued with an internal orchestra that provides musical accompaniment in his head wherever he goes. Mara is a former Wiccan, now a Christian, who cannot seem to shake the Wiccan label. Toss into the mix a faculty and board of trustees as individual as they are quirky, stir them up with a corrupt police officer, and you have a hugely entertaining novel. 
    I've been looking forward to this book since reading Donn Taylor’s Rhapsody in Red, which also featured Preston Barclay and Mara Thorn. Murder Mezzo Forte does not disappoint.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it to all readers who love a tense mystery laced with a humorous point of view.

Friday, May 20, 2016


When Deputy Michael Keane takes a bus full of ladies to see a play in a nearby town, they encounter a suicidal man on a back country bridge. Michael stops the bus and is successful in pulling the man away from the edge and thus saving his life. Unfortunately, Michael's act of mercy results in far more attention than he's comfortable with. He's hailed as a hero, even to the point of news media from other areas flooding into Hidden Springs to interview him.
    Just as the attention begins to wane, photos of a dead girl arrive in the mail. The message attached leads Michael to believe that the man he saved is the murderer. As things spiral out of control in Hidden Springs, Michael is convinced that he is dealing with a madman.
    I could hardly put the book down--it's that good. With Murder Comes by Mail, A. H. Gabhart lifts the "cozy mystery" genre to new heights. Twists and some gruesome surprises fill the pages.
    Murder Comes by Mail builds on the characters introduced in Murder at the Courthouse, although it's not necessary to have read the first book in the Hidden Springs series to be fully absorbed in this one. If you love mysteries, you'll be glued to your chair by Murder Comes by Mail. I highly recommend this book!
My thanks to the author and Revell for providing my review copy.