Sunday, March 20, 2011

LEFT NEGLECTED, by Lisa Genova

Sarah Nickerson is an over-achieving career woman with a husband and children. Told in first person, Left Neglected begins with Sarah juggling her myriad responsibilities in a way that will make many women nod ruefully and think, "Yes, this is what my life is like." I chuckled in self-recognition as Sarah flies through her over-scheduled days.

Then one morning while driving to work and multi-tasking by talking on her cell phone, Sarah's attention is diverted from traffic for one second too long. The resulting accident leaves her with traumatic brain injury.

Left Neglected follows Sarah through the months that follow, as she comes to realize that her old life may never return. This sounds like a depressing book, but it definitely isn't. Genova does a perfect job of presenting Sarah as a woman whose sense of humor will take her through any circumstance.

There’s a bit of strong language in this story, since it's general market fiction, but I loved this book and can't recommend it highly enough. For sure, you'll never again use your cell phone while driving.


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