Thursday, May 28, 2009

Age Before Beauty, by Virginia Smith

Virginia Smith's contemporary novel, Age Before Beauty, is a delight to read. The protagonist, Allie Harrod, is a new mother who undertakes a home-based business (the kind that involves house parties) to avoid having to put her baby in daycare. 
The scenes where Allie is obsessing about her new infant’s well-being are laugh-out-loud funny. Smith brilliantly displays her knack for humor writing in Age Before Beauty, the second novel in her Sister-to-Sister series.
Allie's struggles to keep everything together will resonate with any woman who has attempted to balance a job with her homelife. 
Age Before Beauty is an entertaining novel. Smith incorporates a heart-warming spiritual message smoothly into the plot, enhancing the story line, which isn’t always true of inspirational fiction. 
The attractive cover invited me to pick up the book. Once I began reading I was hooked. I believe you will be, too.


  1. The plot isn't what I would have thought, especially with the title of "Age Before Beauty" that my siblings would say in a not so funny way when we were young. So you can imagine where my mind went. This book sounds tons better!!!

  2. Ann, thanks so much for the wonderful review of my book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Linda, I'm the oldest sister, too! THe title is indicative of the story in some ways -- Allie is the oldest, and she feels she's the least attractive of the sisters. Plus, it fits with the theme of the other books in the series. STUCK IN THE MIDDLE is about the middle sister and the upcoming THIRD TIME'S A CHARM is about the third sister.

  3. You're welcome, Linda. I truly loved the story, and will look forward to reading about sister #3.
    I'm the oldest in my family, too, so can certainly remember when "Age before beauty" wasn't meant kindly.