Wednesday, September 10, 2014

LOVE COMES HOME, by Ann Gabhart

 Love Comes Home drew me in right from the beginning. It was a joy to catch up on the lives of the Merritt sisters of Rosey Corner at the end of World War II. Ann Gabhart has done a masterful job of showing the reader how residents of a typical small town reacted when their servicemen returned.  
 On the other side of the issue, the reader also experiences the feelings of those same servicemen when they attempt to integrate what they've experienced overseas with the expectations of those who've waited at home.
    Kate, Evangeline, and Victoria Merritt each have their place in the story, as does Lorena Birdsong. How these sisters learn to trust the Lord's leading over their own plans makes for a heart-warming novel. Even though these characters were introduced in Angel Sister, the first book in the series, Love Comes Home can be read as a stand-alone.
    However, after reading this one I’m sure you'll want to go back and read Angel Sister and Small Town Girl as well. Personally, I'm hoping there will be more Rosey Corner stories to follow Love Comes Home.
    I give Love Comes Home two enthusiastic thumbs up.

    My thanks to the author and Revell for providing my review copy.


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