Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 A visit to Gettysburg several years ago left me wondering how the women who lived there returned to "normal" life in the aftermath of that horrific battle. I could imagine the sights and smells they learned to endure, but I longed to know more of the details of their lives.
 Jocelyn Green's masterful Widow of Gettysburg answered my questions and filled in the many gaps in my knowledge of the battle of Gettysburg. The novel's main character, Liberty Holloway, is in the process of turning a home she inherited into an inn when soldiers from both sides of the conflict converge on Gettysburg.
 Using Liberty as representative of all of the women who lived through the death and destruction that followed, Widow of Gettysburg skillfully brings to life soldiers, former slaves, doctors, and the countless women who survived and endured those times.
 Green's novel is gripping in its intensity. Realism is woven through every line. (Some of the realistic content may not be suitable for younger readers.) I found myself slowing down my reading just to make the story last longer. I highly recommend Widow of Gettysburg to lovers of history as well as to readers who are seeking a mesmerizing story.
 My thanks to the author and Moody/River North for my review copy.


  1. I read Widow of Gettysburg and I agree that it is representative of what the women left behind had to endure. I love history and have visited Gettysburg. It is hard to imagine what all involved endured. Jocelyn Green did a great job on her research. I liked your review, Ann...Linda

  2. Ann, I'm so glad Widow of Gettysburg helped fill in some of the gaps in the overall picture for you. I love that you even wondered about what is so often glossed over or simply not mentioned in our historical accounts of this famous battle. THANK YOU for reading Widow and sharing your perspective! I truly appreciate it.

    And Linda, I'm delighted that you read and enjoyed Widow of Gettysburg, as well. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Linda! Truly, today it is hard to imagine what those women endured. Jocelyn did a wonderful job in bringing them to life!

    Jocelyn, I'll be recommending Widow of Gettysburg to all my friends!