Monday, January 9, 2012

SUMMER OF PROMISE, by Amanda Cabot

Abigail Harding plans a short visit to her older sister, Charlotte, in Wyoming, then she will hasten back to Vermont, where she has an almost-fiancé waiting. Her sister's protestations that all is well in her marriage don't match up to the actions Abigail observes in the home Charlotte shares with her husband, Jeffrey, at Fort Laramie.
While Abigail walks a fine line between being a guest of her sister and husband, and therefore unable to interfere, and being worried about what’s really happening at the Fort, she finds herself drawn to Lieutenant Ethan Bowles. Besides Charlotte, Ethan is one of the few good things Abigail finds to like about Wyoming. But with someone waiting for her in Vermont, she can’t allow her growing feelings for Ethan to run away with her heart.
Complications at the Fort grow, with stagecoach robberies and desertions all pointing to someone with inside information about the Army’s plans. Cabot doesn’t shy away from real-life details in her stories. Summer of Promise brings encounters with the women at “Peg’s,” a bawdy house near the fort. One particular girl will touch your heart.
Fans of Amanda Cabot’s books will love Summer of Promise. Fortunately, it’s the first in a new series for Revell, so there are two more novels to come in this entertaining series.

My thanks to Revell for providing me with a copy for review purposes.


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