Saturday, August 13, 2011

WINGS OF PROMISE, by Bonnie Leon

Kate Evans is a pilot, and not just any pilot--she's a bush pilot in Alaska in the 1930's. The pages of Wings of Promise are filled with the challenges she faces. The elements threaten, as do some of the male pilots who work for the same flying service that employs Kate.
On the emotional front, Kate's heart is also in danger. Dr. Paul Anderson agrees to be a bush doctor, and he and Kate spend time together both in the air and on the ground. But who is Paul Anderson, really? If a man refuses to discuss his background, is he hiding something sinister? This dilemma chews at Kate as she fights her attraction to the handsome physician.
Fortunately Kate has Mike Conlin in her life, a fellow pilot who understands her love of flying. As their friendship deepens, Kate feels she's found the perfect mate--until the unexpected happens.
Leon brings Alaska and its dangers to vibrant life in Wings of Promise. This story kept me awake turning pages late at night. I guarantee it will have the same effect on you.


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